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Massage description


Chi Core Release

Chi core release is based on ancient Taoist massage of the abdomen, abdominal organs, meridians and acupressure points mainly in the abdomen. It is possible to transform chronic health problems and restore natural vitality.
Chi core release is part physical and part energy massage. It is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

The abdomen and its complex nervous system of autonomic nerves is gaining more and more attention from modern science as well. There are as many neurons in the abdominal cavity as there are in the entire brain. This is also why the abdominal nervous system is called the second brain. These neurons are largely independent and control entire complex sets of functions such as digestion and absorption, storage and metabolism of nutrients. According to traditional Taoist teachings, this lower brain is directly connected to our upper brain, responsible for our emotionality and conveying our emotions further into the body.
The abdomen is also the seat of vitality and energy, and the general health (and mental) state can be inferred from the state of digestion.
Chi core release is a set of precise touches and techniques that relax all parts of the abdomen – muscles, fibrous tissues and individual internal organs.

It is recommended for:
* feelings of tension in the abdomen during stress
* for functional difficulties and digestive disorders (bloating, constipation, ..)
* after operations, when a scar was formed in the abdominal wall
* pains in the abdomen or even in the back (hips) – not of an acute nature
* when a certain digestive organ is weakened
According to Chinese medicine, physical health is strongly related to the psyche, and the state of certain organs is affected by certain emotions. Some connections are also known to us in Europe, for example the connection between anger and the liver and gall bladder. All stress, tension and negative emotional experiences accumulate where there is a disposition to do so and work as a debilitating influence.
Chi core release massage works not only on a physical level, but also dissolves accumulated tension and emotional burden, similar to Healing Touch Tantra Therapy.

WHO NEEDS Chi core release?
Almost all of us have had many challenging events, experiences, the traces of which are still in our bodies. We have often already forgotten them, but not so much the body. All the stress, anxieties, worries are exactly what we keep inside of us and Chi core release can help us get rid of them.
Chi core release is recommended to be applied several times with breaks of about 10 days, because the abdomen of most of us is so stressed and in tension that it is not possible to reach a deeper level and treat all the organs in a single therapy. It is also possible that your reaction will be significant and you will still feel your abdomen for several days after the therapy.

There are good experiences with this therapy:
* for functional problems with the stomach
* irritable bowel syndrome
* gastroesophageal reflux (heartburn)
* great nervousness, stress, excessive responsibility
* for social phobias such as panic disorder
* for back pain that has no standard explanation

During this massage, the client lies comfortably clothed on his back, only the abdominal area is exposed. The therapy lasts around 90-100 min.


Thai massage

The essence of traditional Thai massage consists in exerting pressure on acupressure points, muscles and tendons in combination with non-violent stretching of the limbs and spine. It gradually relieves your body of tension and thus ensures the harmonious harmony of all its parts. The massage takes place in loose clothing, or in underwear and is suitable for all age categories. Regular massages help the mobility of the joints, strengthen the activity of internal organs, improve blood circulation and strengthen the nervous system. You will feel the beneficial effects almost immediately.

It is traditionally massaged on a mat on the ground. The result is a feeling of complete relaxation and lightness.


Oil massage

The classic way of massage and relaxation in the form of an oil massage is intended for anyone suffering from back pain or muscle stiffness. Massage is performed not only for the purpose of relaxation, regeneration and relaxation of sore muscles, but also serves to release various blockages.

Different massage oils are used for this massage, unlike, for example, a classic Thai massage. If the massage is performed correctly and with feeling, it benefits the entire human organism.


releases back blockages and stiff muscles
regenerates overloaded and strained muscles of the lower or upper limbs
it has a positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal system, harmonizing muscle tone, thereby increasing joint mobility
reduces headaches and migraines
it circulates blood throughout the organism and accelerates metabolism, which results in faster flushing of toxins from the body.
it has a good effect on the lymphatic system as well as on the skin, which is blood-filled and healthier
excellent relaxation technique – even relaxation can be a reason for a massage
massages relieve stress, and reduce tension both in the body and in the mind
massages improve sleep problems
regular massages have a preventive effect against problems with the movement and joint apparatus



Modern de-armouring is a bodywork practice in which deep pressure is applied to different points in the body. Combined with staying conscious and aware of what is happening in the body, these techniques can bring up to the surface various memories and feelings. In some cases, these may not have been felt or remembered for a long time – even for decades. The pressure also helps to release physical tension from the body. Many people may at first struggle to feel much sensation in the body, as over many years they have become out of touch with what sensations, emotions or instincts they are feeling. These clients can be helped by being invited to slowly come back to, and feel everything in, their bodies. This is the gateway to healing. 

Simply put, de-armoring is a way to open up and release this armor that hinders you from being in 100% healthy alignment and control over your life.

What will happen?
A de-armoring session can be compared to a trigger point massage, where deep pressure is put on various points on the body to release physical, emotional and mental tensions. The points are external as well as internal, but internal work is only done if or when you are comfortable with it. Each session is unique, and together we will find the best possible support for your release and opening.

A session always starts with a consultation and together we design what will work for you. Whether it is sexual awakening, trauma healing, boundary training, spiritual awakening, soul retrieval or tantric practices.


Every body part can be de-armoured. 

All beings benefit from both external and internal de-armoring. Men can store a lot of fear and shame in the anus. Women can store a whole range of emotions in their vagina, cervix, and womb, from unwanted sex.


Recommendation before massage session


It is good to set aside enough time, not only for the massage but also before to calm down and after to take good care of yourself.

It is strictly not recommended to consume alcohol or drugs before the massage.

Massage is contraindicated in fever, inflammatory disease, cancer, flu, and other conditions such as the post-injury period and pregnancy, herniated disc, etc. If you are not sure, please consult your doctor or me beforehand.

It is best to arrive for the massage showered /or have a shower at my place/ and pack loose clothes with you.

After the massage, you need to drink a lot of herbal tea or water. Heavy food and alcohol are not recommended, as is smoking.

If you have a favorite playlist, bring it with you 🙂