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How to prepare for photoshoot?





1. Practice your poses

Its not a joke!  It might seem awkward  but spend some time in front of the mirror and explore which poses and face expressions suits you can really help to feel more confident in front of camera . You can figure out your best angles and understand what happens when the light hits your body in different positions.

2. Pre-Shoot Details

It’s so important that you pay attention to detail when preparing for your shoot. Cameras can pick up slight defects in a lot more detail than the naked eye so make sure your legs have been shaved/waxed prior to the shoot and that your nails are clean and nicely shaped. For nudes is great to have solid skin color. White skin under bikini doesnt look good.  For naked shoot come without underwear, this can help reduce marks from straps on the skin. Put on just loose dress.

3. Be well rested

Make sure that the day before shoot you get a good sleep, ideally at least 8 hours of sleep per night. 


4. Define your look

Don’t forget to choose some outfits for your photo shoot. Two different outfits are enough. Choose what you like and what looks good on you. Avoid plain black clothes. Extra props like sarongs, transparent scarfs, laces are always cool.  Also stuff like jewellery, beads, necklaces, feathers, hair decorations, flowers are playful and look good on pictures. But always bring only the props you like and you feel comfortable to wear or play with.

5. Make up

Light make up is highly recommended. Could be simple. Just primer, foundation and mat face powder. Little bit of eyeshadows, mascara and lipgloss. If you are not use to wear make up, bring only transparent matt powder with you and brush  to reduce sweat on your cheeks and forehead.  Make sure that the color of your make up is same as the color of your skin. Apply it also on you neck and on collar bone area.

6. Positive mindset

Photoshoot is fun and there is no reason to be stressed about it. You need to remember that you are fabulous and be confident in your shoot. Everyone gets a bit nervous before a photo shoot, so channel those nerves into excitement!



The following is a detailed list of everything else that you might need to bring to a photo shoot.


2 diferent outfits, you like

Few pieces of nice underwear (undies and bras) 

Sarongs, scarfs, kimono, 

Light dressing robe



Headband, rubber bands, pins, brush or comb



Skin cleanser and moisturizer (Arrive bare-faced for shoots with makeup artists)

Makeup kit or at least transparent face powder and brush

Cotton balls or cotton swabs

Body lotion for dry skin



Mirror, jewelry, malas, beads, earings, feathers, flovers, fruit, fancy hats, 

Glitters, body makeup

Bring any props you would like to pose with



 Water, snacks, mosquito repellent

I heard all the excuses…..

“I am not photogenic”,

“I am not pretty enough”,

“I just need to lose some weight first”

“I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera”

“I don’t know how to pose”

“Maybe some other time…”

Trust me, I know how it feels, I am hard on myself too at times.

And today, I am here to tell you that you are ENOUGH!

I had all the same concerns and excuses not to be photographed. But I learned to value and accept myself as I am and appreciate myself in photos.

I will help you to embrace your flaws, your curves, your uniqueness!